Bigfoot sanctuary?

I’m sitting her watching TV on a Saturday afternoon and what comes on but the show"TERROR IN THE WOODS"
(episode 38) And they have photos and testimony that the place is infested with Bigfoot!!! Awhole family of 6 people witnessed there cabin surrounded by these creatures.They foot they show is HUGE! tbh the olny reason I know about Hocking hills is from the treasure chest hunt.Dince I’m in my I thought I might visit and seek this treasure but now… I’m a little frightened

I live here. Most of the “big foot” sightings are from tourists that aren’t used to the different sounds in the forest. However, I have heard of other things in the forest from lifelong locals that you do not want to go looking for.

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Theres a tv show called Fear the Woods and they have piture of an actual big foot.The kid put his size 12 up against and looked tiny.They said there were a few in the foret outside an airbnb rental in of all places Hocking hills! I was going to visit for the treasure hunt but thi king twice now.Upstate NY