First Time, Waterfall and Hiker Where to?

Hello, I am heading to HH tomorrow, where do I go to for the best scenic waterfalls and hiking trails? Would love a lunch suggestion too please. Tip: If you know of any last minute places to stay under 150, please let me know. : )

Hi @Kristen,

I would highly recommend Cedar Falls. They have a beautiful waterfall and it is a pretty simple hike! I also recommend Old Man’s Cave, this hike is a longer hike but definitely worth it! Old Man’s cave has an upper and lower falls so you get to see a variety of waterfalls and caves!

As for lunch I would highly suggest the Inn at Cedar Falls. Their restaurant is out by the hiking trails, so its a perfect place to stop and grab a bite to eat! Lunch goes from 11am-2pm. My favorite is their dill chicken salad sandwich! If you are looking for something quick and on the go there is grandma fayes and the old mans cave general store which has deli sandwiches and more carryout style of food!

Unfortunately lodging books up quickly for October.

Hope this is helpful!



I appreciate your suggestions, and I will take all of them! Old Man’s cave it is…Also: I’m especially excited about the chicken salad. :O)


You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy your time in the hocking hills! :slight_smile: