First timer tips & tricks

My wife & I are excited to plan our trip to the hills the Summer 2021 and would appreciate any tips & tricks on how to get the most of our vacation. We live in the UP of Michigan so are no strangers to the trails here and enjoy getting out for walks. We are not die hard hikers but enjoy everything nature has to offer us middle age folks :slight_smile:
Looking for a 3 night/2 day stay at Connor Homestead Cabin.

Hi @christiannelson69,

So glad to hear you are coming to visit us! I definitely have some tips and tricks up my sleeve!

First off I would highly recommend downloading the hocking hills app. This app has everything you need to plan your trip to the hocking hills! On the app you can do virtual tours of the trails to help decide which ones you want to do first! It has trail maps and information about local businesses. It even has coupons to some of the local businesses!

I would also recommend checking out it has some helpful blogs and you can browse through activities, restaurants, businesses and trails! It also has a calendar of events to help you know what events are going on during your stay!

The main state parks to check out would be:
Old Man’s caves- longer trail with an upper and lower falls and many caves!
Cedar Falls- big waterfall, pretty simple hike- a lot of large steps
Conkles Hollow- my favorite- Both the rim trail and the gorge trail are beautiful- rim trail is difficult but worth it!- if you don’t like heights i wouldn’t suggest it.
Ash Cave- handicap accessible- very few steps- simple hike after a long day!

there are also a lot of less known trails like:
boch hollow- has many trails and a pond.
corkscrew waterfall- is in boch hollow but you have to get a permit to visit. If you are wanting to plan it ahead of time i would reccommend getting the permit and going!

something to keep in mind is a lot of these trails connect so if you wanted to make it an all day hike you could do the grandma gatewood trail which connects oldmans cave to cedar falls to ash cave- it’s 6 miles one way.

A helpful tip would be to look up the trail map on the hocking hills app. I see a lot of tourist getting lost and ending up having to walk on the highway to get back to their car. Get familiar with the trails it will help you have a better experience!

hope this was helpful!