Upcoming Trip End of September

Visiting at the end of September and want to hit the trails. Could someone rate the trails easiest to hardest. Also does anyone have information on the Moonshiners Shack, the site looks cool but offers no pics. We will only be in town a couple of days, staying near lake logan and want to make the most of our short trip. Thanks in advance.

@danabilly Quick disclaimer to my rankings below. The trails are a little different currently. Ohio Department of Natural Resources, who maintains the trails, has made them one way due to the pandemic to ensure social distancing. I have not had the chance to hike all the trails since the changes.

Trails from easiest to hardest in my opinion:

  1. Ash Cave (about 1 mile)
  2. Conkles Hollow Rim Trail (2 miles)
  3. Cedar Falls
  4. Cantwell Cliffs
  5. Rock House
  6. Rock Bridge
  7. Old Mans Cave

With the said, all these trails are very manageable for most who do not have mobility issues.

Regarding the mystery shack, I have never personally tried it. I have heard are some optical illusions like tilted floors and other things like that. I’d recommend giving them (r adventure park) a call at 740-380-1775 to learn more.

Thank you for the info

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Hello, Since you seem to be experienced with the trails at hocking hills, are regular waterproof shoes ok for the trails? Or should i be wearing trail runners or boots? Is it rugged terrain like in smoky mountains? Or for the most part pretty smooth trails? What is your recommended level of shoe support?

Hi @Heather waterproof shoes or regular hiking boots should suit you well. Most trails are either paved, dirt, wood, grass, and some rock (depending on which trails you hike.) The biggest obstacle you’ll run into are some mud puddles, water, and stairs carved from rock. Nothing too rugged.