List of trails that remain OPEN during COVID-19

Hey folks,

As many of you have heard, the main trails in Hocking Hills are closed. However, there are still a handful of locations with trails that remain open to the public. The trails that remain open include:

Lake Hope State Park

Zaleski State Forest

Clear Creek Metro Park

Boch Hollow Nature Preserve

Please note: Accessing Boch Hollow from the west trailhead at Robinson Falls requires getting a permit from ODNR. Accessing Boch Hollow from the north trailhead off Beach Camp Rd does not require a permit.

Lake Logan State Park

Rockbridge State Nature Preserve

Tar Hollow State Park

Trails Reopening on June 15th
Cantwell Cliffs
Rock House
Airplane Rock

Hocking Hills State Park to Reopen July 2nd
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) plans to reopen most of the currently closed areas of Hocking Hills State Park, including the campground, cabins, and Old Man’s Cave, in time for the Independence Day holiday weekend. Currently, Rock House, Cantwell Cliffs and several areas of the Hocking Hills State Forest are scheduled to open June 15.

Are the bike trails behind the walk-in camp open?

I just wanted to confirm that Rockbridge is open

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Yes, I believe Rockbridge is open.

When will the main trails reopen?

Hi @Yumi_Akiyama, welcome to the forum. There is no official word yet from Ohio Department of Natural Resources on when the main trails will open back up. As soon as we hear, we’ll post it here.

Is the Whispering Cave trail open?

@James_Houts at this time whispering caves is closed.

Hi Finn is there any word on when hocking hills state park will open back up? Specifically old mans cave? I heard news of it opening on 15 may which is tomorrow as of this post but I have no official word and can’t find any recourses to confirm.

Hi @Kyle, there’s no official word yet on when old mans cave will open back in up.

Thank you, is there an updated list of any other places that are open that would be good for photos specifically around hocking hills that you know of?

@Kyle are you interested in photography any certain things? Like waterfalls, ponds, flowers, etc.?

its ok to be in Walmart but not on a open trail in nature, scary times we live in controlling every aspect of life, please open this beautiful place back up soon the cabin fever is real !!


I am new to the area, can you recommend a trail that would be good for a hike with young children?

Finn, it’s more of a wedding photo idea for the bride and groom so something that would look good for a background to that.

I have heard conflicting information about Rock Stahl being open. If it is, can someone explain where it is located?

@Christena_Carr For the time being, I believe it closes at 5PM each day.

  • Address: 29886 Rock Stull Rd., Logan, Ohio 43138
  • Directions: From US-33 take the exit for OH-664 north. Turn left onto Logan Horns Mill Road. The road comes to a three-way fork – take the right most fork – Rock Stull Road and proceed 0.4 miles. You’ll see a small sign and an entrance to a small gravel parking lot on your right. The trail-head is on the far end of the parking lot.
  • GPS Coordinates: 39.6265859, -82.4588647

Thank you so much! I want to take my daughter somewhere special since she’s been dealing with so many changes. Ideally, I would take her to Old Man’s Cave where everything looks like a fairy tale. I’m trying to find places with that similar feel suited for a 4-year old.

@Kyle When are you planning on doing the shoot? Upper falls at Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, and Cedar Falls are all beautiful and would be amazing for a wedding shoot but those won’t open up until at least June. If it’s before June, Boch Hollow is open to the public and pretty. It has a pond, open fields, flowers, and some rock formations. About 1 mile hike to pond and 2 mile hike to rock formations.

@Christena_Carr Rockbridge is also really pretty, it’s about a 1 mile hike to actual actual bridge made out of rocks. You can walk across it on top and there’s also a path that leads below.