Weekend getaway

@Misha, one of the great things about Hocking Hills is there is so much to do in this area. Even with some trails closed, you would absolutely be get the full Hocking Hills experience and be able to find more than enough activities for you and your family to enjoy. Not only are there dozens are trails (some open, some closed at the moment), but there are also many fun activities besides trails. One thing I personally really enjoying is canoeing down the Hocking River. There are two different canoe liveries in the area. Another fun adventure is zipling through the treetops… something I can say first hand is unlike anything else. Those two activities are my personal favorites, but they barely scratch the surface on all the outdoor activities in the region. You can find the full list of outdoor adventures here: https://www.hockinghills.com/outdoor_adventure.html

It also depends on when you want to visit. The currently closed trails will most likely open back up in June. If you plan to visit sooner than that, you can view the full list of trails that are currently open here: List of trails that remain OPEN during COVID-19

Finally, different cabins will have different amenities. Some folks will spend entire weekends at the cabins because they are jammed packed with fun things to do, while others will venture out beyond their “home base.” I’d recommend taking a look at the links I’ve provided above and try to plan out your trip. Pick a handful of things you know you want to do with your family. Then do an availability search over at https://www.hockinghills.com/availability.html and find the perfect cabin for you based on price, amenities, and location.

When you and your family decide to visit the area, rest assured you will not be disappointed. It’s truly an escape from reality. The cabins in the woods and unique activities make it a truly special destination.