State Park Cabins

Please somebody, help me. I cannot get an answer to this question- My family has two cabins booked at Hocking Hills State Park for the weekend of July 4. A family reunion. Everybody keeps asking me if it is still on, and I don’t know what to tells them. Should I just anticipate that the Park will still be closed on July 4? Thank You so much

@Amethyst2141 All privately owned cabins are open. The state park owned cabins near Old Man’s Cave are currently closed. Any reservations at the state owned campground or cabins through June 30th will be cancelled and refunded. Some parks in Hocking Hills are closed, some are open. On June 15th, Cantwell Cliffs, Rock House, and Airplane Rock will reopen. The remainder of the closed trails (Old Man’s Cave, Conkles Hollow, Cedar Falls, etc.) will reopen in mid July.

Not all trails/parks will be open July 4th, but there are many that will be!