Reopening hocking hills

Hello, if you guys still haven’t heard if you will reopen May first then why does it say until April 30th on the website?

@Jblevins we have since updated our website. The latest news is that cabins will open back up the 4th of May. We have not heard official word from the governor yet on when the parks will open, however the state park campground is starting to take reservations for May 17th. Right now, we are assuming trails will open back up on the 17th as well but out of abundance of caution we won’t post that on until we get the official word.

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Any rumors about when the parks and hiking trails will reopen?

Hi @Reedohio, rumor says not before June 1st. If I had to guess, I would say June 1st. That is when the state owned campground at Old Man’s Cave will open back up and it is connected to Old Man’s Cave which is the most popular destination.

Thanks. Keep No fingers crossed. Keeping the parks closed are causing others to be over crowded like Rockbridge