Are the parks open during COVID-19 pandemic?

A common question many are wondering… are the parks open during the Stay-At-Home order that Governor DeWine recently announced during this coronavirus pandemic?

Short answer: NO!

ODNR recently announced that Hocking Hills State Park is to close until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes all major trails and nature preserve such as Ash Cave, Cantwell Cliffs. Conkles Hollow, Cedar Falls, Old Man’s Cave, Rock House and Rockbridge.

You can find a list of trails that remain open here: List of trails that remain OPEN during COVID-19

Have all cabins been ordered to close? If so, should we get a refund and not future credit for specific dates only?

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@Alan_Law_Jr cabins have been ordered to close for all purposes except essential travel. Essential travel includes things like traveling for work, if you have a loved one in quarantine and would like to be away from them, or if you are temporarily displaced and do not have a place to live.

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@Alan_Law_Jr it is ultimately up to the cabin owner whether they give you a refund or a credit for future date. I’ve seen some lodging owners give full refunds, others give gift certificates, others will try to see if there are future dates you would like in lieu of your current dates. Some are waiving cancellation fees and others are not. It really spans the whole spectrum.

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Thank You for the reply and info. Stay Safe.

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You’re welcome. You too!

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Do you know if Hocking Hills park will reopen on May 1st with the reopening of Ohio? Thanks.

An official statement for when parks will open has not been released. At this moment, it is up in the air when the main parks will open.

They’re using the coronavirus as an excuse to put us under some kind of house arrest. Infringing on our rights is the main problem. They say on one hand that sunlight kills the coronavirus and on the other that we basically need to stay indoors all summer.
ODNR states that mushroom hunting and turkey hunting is allowed but not hiking, rappelling, or camping. How does that make any sense? There is no logic behind it. Especially when hundreds of people are crammed into the Walmart everyday…

When is the main hiking areas supposed to open back up? After the lock down is over ?

Is the archery trail open at hocking hills state park? I would love to sling some arrows!

@Searles I do not believe the archery range is open :slightly_frowning_face:

@Ashleyyn1121, we haven’t heard yet will the main park will open back up. There are still some trails that do remain open, but they are some of the lesser known ones. You can find that list here:

Mike DeWine is opening everything so why is the park still closed?

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