List of trails that remain OPEN during COVID-19

So, many areas of Smoky National Park were “closed”, yet people still frequented them and the NPS stated they wouldn’t be policing people. Would this be a similar situation here? :joy: I want to play in a cave.

@finn Any recommendations on where to boat this weekend? Was hoping to find some pretty rivers that were still open to the public (smallish boats with no motors–one inflatable 10 ft raft and one canoe)

@jessibee21 Lake Logan or Lake Hope would both be great choices! I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the Hocking River if you have a boat. The depth varies greatly in places and you can sometimes get stuck.

Is there any official source to monitor the opening? Specifically Old Mans Cave hiking trail?

Hi, how do I get to rock bridge?

If you’re coming from Columbus just head south on US 33 for about 38 miles. Rockbridge is just off the highway. Turn left off the highway onto Dalton Rd and drive for about 1 mile and you’ll be there.

The address is Rockbridge State Nature Preserve, Logan, OH 43138. If you type that into a GPS you shouldn’t have any issues finding it.

The official source would be ODNR as they are the ones who manage the trails and call the shots. Rest assured, we’ll post it right here as soon as we hear from them.

We’re renting a cabin June 1st and 2nd, is it looking like the trails will be open then?

@Teri_Johnson there’s no official word yet on when the most popular trails with open. I would think around June 1st, but it’s just a guess.

There are still some beautiful trails that remain open. You can find that list here: List of trails that remain OPEN during COVID-19

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please keep us updated (: i am trying to take my boyfriend for a surprise down to see the parks the first weekend of June. Fingers crossed the trails are open

Hi! We are planning to stay in the Hocking Hills Treehouses Monday into Tuesday (5/25-5/26) with our dog (golden retriever). We will be traveling from the Pittsburgh area. I was wondering if you could recommend any trails near the treehouses/hocking hills that are open and allow dogs. Thanks in advance.

Hi @k_young. Every trail in this list except Boch Hollow allows pets. All will be within a 30 minute drive of your cabin location!

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Is there any update yet as to the trails opening up? We want to reserve a room down there June 18-20 but don’t want to spend the money if all the main trails are closed. I don’t get how restaurants and Walmart can be open INSIDE yet an outdoor trail is closed.

@Ken_Pollock ODNR just announced three Hocking Hills sites will reopen June 15th. They are Cantwell Cliffs, Rock House, and Airplane Rock. You can read the press release here: Three Hocking Hill's Sites will reopen on June 15th

Hi @Danielle_D. ODNR just announced that three trails will reopen on June 15th. Those trails are Cantwell Cliffs, Rock House, and Airplane Rock. You can read the press breifing at this link: Three Hocking Hill's Sites will reopen on June 15th

Thank you.

What trials are open today that are dog friendly

@Nick_Sopher everything on this list except rockbridge and boch hollow

What would you recommend Zaleski or lake Logan for dog friendly easy family hike

@Nick_Sopher lake logan

Hello! Of the open trails, do any feature waterfalls?