Hike map of the area

Hi. Is there a folding map of the area (not individual hikes) that includes area hikes, parking, bathrooms, etc that i can order?

And/or a hike rating/ reviews/ descriptions list?

Thank you

Hi @2bschlie

If you go to this link you can go through all the different trails in hocking hills! It doesn’t show all the trails on one map, but it shows you shelter houses and parking!


if you download the hocking hills app it has all this information at your finger tips! I do not see any ratings of the trails, but there are descriptions and virtual tours!


to give my personal ratings:

Easiest to hardest
Ash cave
conkles hollow gorge
cedar falls
rock house
old mans cave
conkles hollow rim trail

Haven’t been to cantwell cliffs or rockbridge for awhile to remember!

hope this helps! :slight_smile: