How long is Old Mans Cave to Ash Cave

Hey, we are heading to Hocking Hills Wednesday July 1. We will be hiking on July 2 and we are looking to start are Old Mans Cave and head to Cedar Falls and then on to Ash Cave? Anyone done this hike before? How long did it take? We have children ages 7-15. Will they make it? Thanks

Hi @mpeters. The Old Mans Cave to Cedar Falls to Ash Cave is the path that is used for the Hocking Hills Winter Hike each year. Thousands of people walk this trail at that one event alone. It is a popular route throughout the entire year.

The route is about 6 miles one-way. If you think the kids are up for it, it is a great hike! I would strongly recommend parking a vehicle at Ash Cave ahead of time so you do not have to turn around and walk the 6 miles back to Old Mans Cave.