Best location to stay for winery's?

Looking to come for a weekend anniversary getaway Oct 23-25th, if we can secure accommodations. Where should we stay if we want to check out winery’s, brew pubs, and of course nature? What city or side of town is ideal?

Hi @Megpie,

Unfortunately lodging for October books up very quickly.

You have a couple different options to choose from. If you are wanting to stay close to Brewery 33, I would suggest staying at holiday inn or mainstay suite. If you are wanting to stay close to the brewery but not in a hotel, I would suggest staying in a cabin near lake logan—it’s just down the road from the brewery.

As for a place close to the hocking hills winery there isn’t many places within walking distance. I would suggest staying in one of the above suggestions for the hocking hills winery as well–but you would have to drive to the winery.

If you are looking to stay close to a bar-- I would suggest going to the shamrock irish pub and staying in a place that is located in downtown logan or close to downtown!

I would also suggest the inn at cedar falls. This property has an array of accommodations and a restaurant on site. It’s surrounded by state parks on 3 sides of the property. You can enjoy some cocktails, beer or wine before, during and after dinner and be able to walk to your accommodation.

Last but not least if you are looking to stay at a place that is in nature and still has a winery I would high suggest- Le Petit Chevalier Winery. This winery is out by the state parks and you can stay above the winery itself!

The closest town to the state parks is logan. It’s where the brewery, winery and bars are mainly located.

I hope this is helpful!