Quarantine is tough... What are you looking forward to once the ban is lifted?

Hey folks!

Quarantine has been tough and I for one have major cabin fever. Let’s take a break from the crazy world and daydream for a moment, shall we? Do you have plans to visit Hocking Hills soon? Will you be taking a day trip or make it a full weekend getaway? Any must see items on your bucket list?

I’ll go first…

When I’m visiting
As soon as the parks open back up!

What’s on my to-do list
My girlfriend and I plan to walk the gorge trail at Conkle’s Hollow. Spring is in the air, so we’re really looking forward to that. We also want to check out the Ash Cave Fire Tower as we’ve never been there before and the pictures I’ve seen look amazing! Last but not least, we plan to hike one of our favorite trails, Rock House.

Short and sweet, but that’s what a day trip is all about!
Anyone else have plans you’re looking forward to?