Senior looking for suggestions

I am looking for a cabin/Inn/B&B that has easy access. I can only manage a few steps.

Hi @dfranzen I am asking around and will let you know what I find! :slight_smile:


Bear Run has a cabin called Aspen Cabin- it has no steps to get inside and is one floor!

Wildlife Valley Cabins is one floor with no steps to enter!

Venture in Real estate has 3 cabins that are easily accessible —Forest Edge- Praire Rose- Cypres Cabin

Inn at Cedar falls- handicap accessible accommodations
Hocking Hills Inn- first floor

  • Hocking Hills Majestic Retreats- Redhead Hollow- 3 steps to get in and one level
  • Robers Retreat- Three steps to get in and everything on one level.

Thank you. I will check them out.

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