Wedding location

We were at ash cave on Saturday trying to scope out a plan for a wedding spot. It was very crowded. Does anyone know what the crowd is generally like during the day on a Friday? We are looking at November 6th. With Covid and all we are just trying to do something rememberable. It will just be 5 people total. Also does anyone know anything about clear creek metro? There is a trail right across from the parking lot and I saw a couple go that way to marry… anyone know what is down that trail

Hi @Kristina_Vanover,

Ash Cave will be busy on November 6th- probably starting at 10am and on. November shouldn’t be as busy as October due to the leaf foliage that attracts many tourists in October!

I would highly suggest getting married in the early morning before hikers start hitting the trails!

As for clear creek I have not been hiking there yet, but I have heard it is beautiful! Something to check out!

There are also many cabins/lodges that have beautiful grounds that you could stay at and get married at as well!

hope this was helpful!