What are you allowed to do there now / are trails normal

Are they still doing the one-way trails thing in the parks? We haven’t been there for awhile and feel like we can’t go to any trails if they are doing this. (People in family with asthma or older people who get tired, kids or pets that have to go back,or like I get vertigo and have to go back if there is a ledge I get scared on … like it looked on the map that even Ash Cave they expect you to go around the rim and that one was always good for people who couldn’t hike far. They actually said not to go to the park if you’re not able to do a whole trail?!)

And are most shops and things open? Can we do mini golf?

Hi @KittensoftheHills The trails are still one way. Conkle’s Hollow Gorge trail is a two way hiking path still so you may be able to check that one out!


Shops and restaurants are open! Some have limited hours seasonally! There is a new shop downtown called gifts that give back. There is also home grown on main! along with the antique mall, craft mall, windchime shop/candle shop!

As for the mini golf I think they are open. their website says mid march! there is also an axe throwing course in the hungry buffalo restaurant that is open!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

There’s plenty of trails that are not one way. All trails back to rose lake (there are 3) are 2 way. Lower ridge trail at conkles Hollow is 2 way. Although ash cave says it’s one way, signs allow people who can’t climb to return back on the same trail. The trail between old man’s cave and Cedar Falls is 2 way. And Rockbridge Sate Nature Reserve is 2 way.

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